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Directors Anthony and Heather met in 2008 when they produced a festival for His Royal Highness King Charles III (The Prince of Wales at the time). Since, they have collaborated on numerous projects including the 2012 Olympic Games in London, The Rugby World Cup, Expo 2020 Dubai and Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience.  

Founding Unify in 2021 was the realisation of an idea that has seen the duo win multiple awards, and sell millions of tickets, through owned experiences, which have opened across the world.


2022 - Clio Entertainment Awards – Gold Winner: Home Entertainment Experiential/Events

2022 - Adweek's Experiential Awards – Winner: Experiential Activation by an Entertainment Brand

2022 - Blooloop Innovation Awards – 2nd Place: Spectacular

2022 - Telly Award – Silver Winner: Immersive & Mixed Reality, Branded Content

2022 - Muse Creative Awards – Platinum Award: Experiential & Immersive, Out-of-Home

2022 - WB Annual Licensee Award - Winner: Experience of the Year 2022


2023 - Licensing International Excellence Awards - Winner: Best Experiential or Location-Based Initiative


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Anthony has over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry, having started his career in television before moving into festivals, live music, awards ceremonies, mega events, activations and immersive. He has produced events across the world, overseeing productions in greenfield sites, arenas, stadiums and in purpose built venues.  

Joining London 2012 proved to be a pivotal moment in his career as he transitioned into a customer experience role, leading the team who designed and delivered over 4,000 hours of entertainment into the Olympic Park. Working on the Games had a profound influence on his future work, driving him to establish a customer orientated perspective that has been at the forefront of future projects.   

In recent years Anthony has founded multiple entertainment businesses, created intellectual properties and raised 8-figure investment sums for projects that have gone on to sell millions of tickets across the world.


Currently his time is spent consulting, the design and development of owned IP and working with rights holders.  He is happiest when leading a team, integrating with stakeholders and negotiating deals that help realise Unify's ambitions. 


London 2012. The whole world was watching and I think it's fair to say we nailed it! It also fundamentally changed the way I view entertainment and how the impact of world class customer experience can transcend expectations and influence behaviour in ways I had not previously considered.    

Live 8 (London). 200,000+ people in Hyde Park, a global audience of millions alongside Pink Floyd, Elton John and Madonna (to name a few)! We had world leaders and celebrities casually hanging around back stage and the whole day was just so surreal. 

U2 360 Tour. That stage! It took technical production to the next level and, I believe, has influenced many of the trends that we see today. Integrated production is a key component of the overall experience and this show really delivered ahead of its time.  


On holiday in Turkey. The hotel had a beach bar that was roughly half a mile from the main building. I ordered a drink and they didn't have the brand of spirit I requested. The barman was so apologetic and made me an alternative. Next round, he had a huge grin and offered me my spirit of choice - having personally walked back to the hotel to collect it! Incredible service.


And yes, I've been back. Twice. 

The Ryder 


Michael Jackson at Wembley Stadium. My parents took me to some incredible gigs as a child, and this was the best of the bunch. It was some show, every detail was perfect and the overall experience just blew 10 year old me away! On reflection, it was probably a catalyst for my future.


Heather began her career in the music and events industry, working with International acts such as the Depeche Mode, Sting, Roger Waters and Annie Lennox. As Head of Touring for 19 Entertainment, Heather produced shows and festivals across the world, focusing on production as well as the end-to-end fan experience (communications, digital interaction, ticket sales, event based fan engagement, post-event fan interaction). 


 In 2009 Heather became Head of Customer Experience for the London 2012 Olympic Games, overseeing the complete design of the guest experience for the 11 million Spectators who enjoyed the Greatest Show on Earth.  Since the Games Heather has worked across global sporting and entertainment properties as a Guest Experience consultant and creative designer. 

Heather has designed and produced multiple global entertainment properties, including  music tours (Spice Girls World Tour, Pop Idol worldwide franchise live shows to name a few), IP related entertainment and immersive experiences.   


Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience. Creation through to delivery in eight cities worldwide, the project is one that I will always hold dear.  A lot of late nights and the phrase ‘sweat, blood and tears’ has probably never been more accurate (I have a brilliant ability to fall over fences!).  


Your hometown Olympics obviously is something that I will always consider the best job I will ever have.  Nothing beats it.  The Spectator Experience Functional Area didn’t exist before London and I am incredibly proud of the work we did to create a lasting legacy in the way mega events are designed with the ticket holder in mind.


Working on Live 8 was pretty fun.  Telling Kofi Annan and Brad Pitt to please move out of the way will always be a good dinner party story.



I am the worst guest/spectator/attendee ever, because I am always looking at the ways to improve things.  I was lucky enough to be sent to Amangiri in Utah for work.  I felt like the Queen.  Amazing.  I wish I could go back, but I’d have to actually have the bank balance of a Queen.  



ABBA Voyage first night show is going to take some beating, but for me it has to be U2.  Achtung Baby Tour.  Old Wembley Stadium.  Queued from 8am to be at the front and Bono waved at me.  Nothing, not even seeing the real ABBA on stage at the end of Voyage, can beat Bono. …..just need to get over to the Sphere!

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